Professor Layton and the Curious Village – St. Mystere

Instruments: Viola, cello, accordion, glockenspiel
Comments: I figured out how to add custom instruments to the sheet music (where before I simply wrote them as “Synthesizer” and selected the pertinent instrument voice), so this time it actually says Accordion on the sheet. At some point I may go back and correct previous songs that used Synthesizer. Maybe. If I feel like it. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Professor Layton series – Professor Layton’s Theme

Instruments: Violin, piano, accordion (written as synthesizer)
Comments: Professor Layton is finally here! This has taken me several months to complete. I got most of it done within a few weeks, but there is one section in the middle that I struggled with. Even now I’m not completely happy with that one section, but I think it’s as good as I can get it with my current skill level. Ah, well, hope you enjoy anyway!

Fable 2 – Fable Theme (Music Box)

Instruments: Piano
Comments: I’ve finally (more or less) finished the Fable 2 music box theme sheet music! While I’m not completely happy with it, I think it’s as good as it’s gonna get, so here you go. Enjoy!

Chrono Cross – On the Beach of Dreams

Instruments: Violin, alto voice, guitar, bass, piano
Comments: This was the first complex piece I transcribed. It isn’t perfect, and I spent a good amount of time reworking some sections, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out in the end.

Silent Hill 2 – Music Box theme

Instruments: Piano
Comments: I realized after I finished this sheet music that I had based it on a fan’s version, rather than the original. To avoid any potential plagiarism, I will post this sheet music once I have transcribed the correct version.

Silent Hill 2 – True

Instruments: Cello, piano
Comments: I actually really struggled with getting the rhythm for the cello part correct. I think in the end it came out okay, but it took a lot of work!

Silent Hill 2 – Theme of Laura (reprise)

Instruments: Violin, piano
Comments: Although this sheet music was written for violin, the actual song uses a viola; as such, I used a viola for the voice in the MIDI. Also, the chimes in the middle of the piece are missing, so there’s a long repetitive section where the chimes are supposed to be. An updated version that corrects these problems is currently in the works.

Silent Hill – Not Tomorrow

Instruments: Guitar, bass, piano
Comments: This is one of the very first songs I transcribed.